Taps for Veterans is pleased to be working with Larry Ransom and TAPPS Nevada.  For those that do not know TAPPS stands for “Trumpeters Alliance to Perform Patriotic Services” and they are doing some amazing things out in Nevada.

The following is from their website:

In 2013, Larry Ransom and Gary Cordell were asked to perform a version of “Taps” known as “Echo Taps” at the funeral of Leonard Carpi, a B-29 Bomber pilot during WWII and grandfather to Larry Ransom’s wife.
So moved by the performance, members of the military honor guard and Mr. Carpi’s family expressed their wish that every veteran could be honored this way.
After the funeral of Leonard Carpi, Ransom, Durk and Cordell attended other military funerals.  Some had “Taps” performed by an electronic bugle while others utilized a live trumpeter. The difference was clear and so was the need to do something about it.
T.A.P.P.S. is a Non-Profit, 501c3 organization currently fulfilling our mission in Las Vegas today.

Please help us welcome TAPPS Nevada and let’s continue building our network of buglers in order to provide live Taps for all our nation’s veterans.