Sounded every day in Veterans cemeteries around the world — a haunting but distinctive American melody. Only 24 notes — but whose clear, sad tones conjure up memories of loved ones lost, instill hope, and bring comfort and peace to the families and communities of those whom have served with honor. 

It’s the song that gives us a lump in our throats, and brings tears to our eyes…Sadly, the legacy of Taps’ honorable performance is in jeopardy.  

TAPS FOR VETERANS provides an opportunity for buglers or trumpet players to sound Taps for military veteran’s funerals and ceremonies. With the military unable to provide live buglers for every military funeral and ceremony, TAPS FOR VETERANS is assisting to help provide that much needed service. 

TAPS FOR VETERANS is an organization led by former military musicians and active and retired military veterans who acutely understand the importance of properly sounding Taps, our “National Song of Remembrance” as a way of expressing the nation’s gratitude for a veteran’s service. 

TAPS FOR VETERANS is looking for buglers and trumpet players from across the country. Volunteers may be former or active military, civilian, student or professional. Ultimately, buglers with a strong desire to serve our nation. 

If you are interested and would like to participate in this incredible endeavor fill out the sign-up form. A member of the TAPS FOR VETERANS team will contact you and guide you through the sign up process.