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  • Bugle Megaphones

    If you ever watched “From Here To Eternity” one of the poignant scenes is were the bugler sounds Taps on the parade ground at Schofield… The post Bugle Megaphones appeared …

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  • Taps at The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier

    TAPS AT THE TOMB OF THE UNKNOWN SOLDIERJari Villanueva, Master Sergeant (retired) USAF BAND© Copyright 2021 Jari Villanueva The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier… The post Taps at The …

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  • God of Our Fathers

    “God of Our Fathers” is a 19th-century American hymn, written in 1876 for the 100th anniversary of the United States Declaration of Independence celebration in… The post God of Our …

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    INTERESTING BACH INSTRUMENTS BACH ONE-VALVE FIELD TENOR BUGLE FT9 Article by Roy Hempley             Vincent Bach’s records show that he made 11 one-valve field tenor… The post BACH ONE-VALVE FIELD …


  • Daniel Adams Butterfield

    DANIEL ADAMS BUTTERFIELD 1831-1901 Who was the general whose name is associated with Taps?  Daniel Adams Butterfield was born in Utica, New York, on October… The post Daniel Adams Butterfield …

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  • Taps on Veterans Day

    The sounding of Taps at Veterans Day ceremonies I have noticed a lot of discussion about the appropriateness of sounding Taps as part of Veterans… The post Taps on Veterans …

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