Your bugler request for your event has been registered with We have sent an email to the address you provided.

Your Next Step – You will recieve an email with a system-created username, and asking you to set a password. We do not process requests until a password has been set. Please respond immediatly so that we can begin the process of locating buglers for you.

If you don’t see the email within 1 hour, please check the various folders where emails may be put if the sender is unknown to your email system. You may want to whitelist “”

Once you confirm your request by setting a password, we will locate, and send the contact information for nearby buglers to the email you provided. We ask that you contact them as soon as possible to confirm your information and make arrangements with the bugler of your choice. cannot garantee to find a bugler to fulfill your request. If we do find buglers, we cannot garantee their availability. 

We also send out your request, and contact information, to our buglers, however we ask that you complete your request by contacting them first. Not all buglers are available for all dates and times. 

Please understand that once we have found any buglers for your request, we do not provide any other services. It’s up to you to make arrangements with any buglers we have located.

TapsForVeterans does not charge for our matching services, and does not compensate our buglers for sounding Taps. Any other arrangements for compensation are between you, the requestor, and the bugler. We do accept donations that are used to develop and maintain this website and/or promote any events that we sponsor.

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