The National Salute 2022

The National Salute, re-instituted in 2015, is a means to show our deep respect for our Unknown Soldiers buried in the plaza of the Memorial Amphitheater in Arlington National Cemetery and all veterans. Taps For Veterans is asking buglers, trumpet and cornet players to participate in the National Salute ceremony on the 11th Hour, of the 11th Day, of the 11th Month.

By registering with TapsForVeterans to sound Taps at this time, you declare your intention to honor our veterans.

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At 11:00 am your local time, we ask that you sound Taps as a remembrance of our honored Veterans. The location of where you sound Taps is up to you.

We encourage you to make a video of your performance and upload it to our YouTube channel TapsForVeteransEvents.

You may post your video here.


Taps – The sounding of Taps across the nation and around the free world for one minute. This easily recognized emotive and powerful twenty-four notes bugle call is the international melody for “lights out” — final resting for deceased soldiers. This synchronized playing of Taps around the free world by individuals and organizations is a solemn calling for the defense of free peoples worldwide.