Saturday June 11 8:30 pm

We invite buglers to sound Taps on the Gettysburg Battlefield at 8:30 pm

Buglers will be recognized at 5 pm at the Festival and you are invited to the 7 pm sounding of Taps at the 100 Nights of Taps in the Gettysburg National Cemetery. For those who attend, you are invited to participate in a cascading version of Taps. That will be explained prior to the 7 pm program.

At 8:30 pm sound Taps in the Gettysburg Military park. There are dozens of locations including the Pennsylvania Monument, the Eternal Light, Virginia Monument, Meade statue, Winfield Scott Hancock statue, Peach Orchard, The Angle, etc… Find a location and play. If there is a bugler there, just move a hundred yards away and sound Taps.

The main thing is to create a sound of bugles all sounding the call.