Thank you for applying

Thank you for applying to sound Taps.

Please see your e-mail inbox for a link to set your password to your account at When approved as a bugler, you will be able to log in to see details of events you have been invited to perform at. You will also be able to update your information.

Important – when you follow the link to set your password, the system will automatically generate a strong password for you. You may use any password you like. If you would like to use the system generated password, please note it in a safe location. 

Next Step – Send Your Audition Video

We review the information you have provided us when applying, and interview all buglers who apply to sound Taps. We require an audition video from all applicants. Please send your video as soon as possible. 


  1. Make a video of yourself sounding Taps. Dress as you would when sounding Taps for a funeral. Record yourself in the landscaped view (horizontal) if possible. The location does not matter.
  2. Once you have created the video, visit this page to upload the video to our private audition page on YouTube. These videos will not be public, they will only be viewed by our audition committee. Bookmark the link, since it is not available publicly.
  3. Deadline for videos is 7 calendar days from your initial application.

    Note – you do NOT have to be logged in to the website to upload your audition video.

    If you need assistance, please visit our HELP page

We reserve the right to accept or decline applications, for any reason and at any time. Please allow several days for a response, we are a volunteer organization. 

If approved, we will add your name to our database of buglers, and you will receive an email indicated you have been approved as a bugler with

How Our Automated Bugler Matching Process Works

  1. Request for a bugler is made on our “Request” Page. We ask for the requestor’s name and contact info (telephone and email address) along with the location, date and time of the ceremony. We require the person making the request to confirm the request, prior to performing any other actions, to ensure the request is valid.
  2. Once a request is validated, we locate all buglers who are within travel distance of the ceremony. We then contact each bugler through the channel they have selected, which may be an email, a text message, or both. It is important (but optional) that you enable one or both of these methods when you apply to sound Taps.
  3. In order to take a mission, you must “claim” it, by following the link the the email (or text message), logging in to the website, and clicking on the “Claim This Request” button.
  4. Prior to claiming the mission, we provide you with the Date, Time and Location of the event. We do NOT provide contact information for the person making the request unless you claim it.
  5. Once you claim the mission you will see the contact information – we recommend that you contact the requestor immediately.
  6. Requestors are NOT provided any information about buglers. It is up to you to contact them.

Notes and Recommendations

Travel Distance – when you applied we asked you for your travel distance – the distance you are willing to travel to sound Taps. This distance is used to calculate the “straight line” distance from your location to the location of the ceremony. The actual distance you have to travel may be more, based on the roads. We recommend that you determine the actual travel distance to any locations you may be asked to perform at and take this into account when you set your travel distance. You will be able to update this distance in your account on the website by logging in to your account and viewing your user profile.

Contacting Requestors – If you claim a mission, it is up to you and you alone to contact the requestor, and confirm the information they have provided.

Claimed Missions. Once a mission has been claimed, it cannot be claimed by another bugler. You will see a notice on the event page when you log in, indicating another bugler has claimed the event.

TapsForVeterans Responsibilities – Once TapsForVeterans has located buglers within travel distance of a request, and sent relevant information to buglers, we do not provide any other services. It is up to buglers to contact the person making the request, confirm dates, times and locations. It is up to the bugler to arrive at the ceremony and sound Taps.

Payment or Compensation – TapsForVeterans does not charge anyone making a request for a bugler, and does not provide any payment or compensation to buglers. Any donations made to TapsForVeterans are used to pay for website development and maintenance, and for promotion of any events we participate in or sponsor.

Privacy Concerns

Your information is secure and safe on our website. We do not sell or provide your information to anyone except persons making requests for buglers in your area. You may alter or cancel the information we provide to requestors at any time.

Please review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for more details.

If you have any questions or comments please use our Contact page.